These are my rates for various jobs. They're set to these prices for a reason. Exposure doesn't pay my bills.

Live Bands - $100-200/set (Price varies depending on length of set; i.e., 30 minute set = $100)

Lifestyle/Events/Pet Portraits - $150/hour

Head Shots/People Portraits - $200/hour

Weddings - $3000/event

Individual Photos/Prints - Please contact me for further information.

Please be aware that I retain the copyright to each photo I shoot, which means I do not allow additional image manipulation and reserve the right to pull any of my images from any source if it is altered or doesn't represent the values that I, Robert Bennett, stand for. Also, aside from the occasional head shot, I only use natural/ambient lighting (I don't bring my lighting equipment with me), so keep this in mind when considering me as a photographer. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at rbennett0721@gmail.com.